Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is He The One???

We're leaning very heavily towards choosing Mahogany as our pick from this litter (leaning?-we've already named him Tucker and taken him with us everywhere this weekend!). He's a wonderful little guy, very mellow and friendly but does show a stubborn streak occasionally. We took him to dinner with us last night at Lowry's Crab Shack where well behaved dogs on a leash are welcome in the outside dining area--hmm, could a spin-off blog be forthcoming--Tucker'sdogfriendlyrestaurants. We had a great dinner, good beer and a cool breeze. Tucker got lots of attention with plenty of hugs and cuddling. He made several new friends!

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Experiences

Now that the puppies are getting older and bigger, we're starting to prepare them for their new homes. They've been spending full days outside in the puppy yard and are now sleeping in crates at night. Some nights have gone better than others, but certainly less clean up for me in the mornings! Plus, we're saving newspapers for Claire and Phoebe!
I took Puppy Boy with me to buy dog food last weeks at my sister's store in Berryville, then stopped by my parents' for a quick visit. He wasn't too sure about being without his siblings but quickly adjusted. He was great with the leash and collar.
Last night was Mahogany's turn. We met our son and daughter-in-law for outside dining at a favorite restaurant. The pup was the hit of the evening! He also did great with the leash and collar, was able to climb stairs like a veteran and ambled down the streets of Leesburg as if this was a regular thing. He was fussed over, carried around, got to see other dogs besides collies and met quite a few children. It was a wonderful socializing time!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Busy Week

The puppies had quite the active week! Jie and Wennie, from Library Admin, visited on Wednesday and had a nice puppy fix. Thursday was eye check day (again, no car sickness!). Mystery (a smooth girl) is normal eyed, Mahogany (rough boy) and Spot (smooth boy) are go-normal and everyone else was mild. We stopped by the library for staff and patrons to see a Sequoia full of puppies, then home for lunch and naps (just the puppies, not me!) Ellen swung by on her trip to Michigan and finally got to see the puppies!! She glued ears, Dremmled nails and had a great time evaluating puppies. She said Puppy Boy and Puppy Girl can go to pet homes and we'll grow the rest out for a bit longer.
Violent thunderstorms and excessive heat have not phased this crew one bit. Play time must always go on!
Phoebe and Claire appear to be pregnant!! More puppies in mid-July! (of course, writing it down will probably nix both litters!)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Being a puppy is exhausting!

The Smooth Boys

The Rough Boys

The Girls

Six Weeks Old

The puppies had their first vet appointment yesterday and first shot. We were most pleased that no one got car sick! They are spending a portion of every day outside. For the week-end, they've been outside all day, even through a thunderstorm with no qualms! They are enjoying new toys and experiences in the play-yard.

Sometimes, Dylan doesn't know what to make of the kids on the playground next door!