Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bad Blood

  I don't know what has happened with Mosby and Gibson but they are friends no more.  For two years, they've been kenneled next to each other and have played in the yards, always getting along.  A few times tempers have flared over a toy or a treat, but always returned to friendly harmony.  The past couple of weeks have seen an increase in the flare ups, then the other day, it became an all out fight.  I went to feed the dogs and found both boys bloodied and Mosby limping.  The cuts turned out to be superficial that bled easily.  Mosby is in the house to rest his leg and is just about back to normal.  I put him in the yard this morning while I fed everyone else.  Gibson thought it was going to be a play day and ran to the yard gate after he finished eating.  When he saw Mosby, both boys started posturing and egged each other to make an opening move.  I got Gibson back inside and returned Mosby to his comfy bed in the house.
  I'm quite puzzled as to what is going on between them.  I've had intact males together in the yard for quite some time without fighting.  Mosby has always been good with the other dogs but I'm wondering if his personality is changing as he ages (he's now 9).  Or is Gibson trying to assert his dominance as the alpha male?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Puppy Socialization

  The Barkfest didn't turn out to be too much, but then we got there quite late.  The puppy did get some attention and she got to see other dogs that aren't collies.  She just started to get comfortable with the leash and collar as the Barkfest was ending so we decided to take her to Casanel Vineyards for more socializing. She really put the social into socializing!  She got attention as soon as we arrived and within minutes of sitting at a table, she started acting like the patio hostess.  She looked up at every arrival, often walking over to try to greet the new customers.  When part of a wine bus tour group came to see her, she went into full adorable puppy mode!  She flopped down to get her belly scratched, she looked sweet, she chewed on both boots and fingers and the base of a wine glass, all the time looking around as if to say "Aren't I cute"???
  We think this is the smooth puppy that we will keep for showing.  Her name will be Callie, which we called her this afternoon and she quickly picked up on it.  She is a sweetie!

Lots to Do!

It's Saturday, so of course that means the "to-do" list is lengthy!  We need to brace puppy ears, get updated pictures on the website and here and get some good pictures of new champ Dixie for advertising.  But first, we're going to take one of the puppies--the smooth girl we think we'll keep--to a "Barkfest".  There won't be much for us to do but gives us a chance to get her out and socialized individually.
  Last week-end, we did manage to get a couple of pictures.  Here's the rough girl and one of the smooth boys having fun:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Maggie Goes Home

  The first puppy has gone to her new home.  "Rough Girl B" in the pictures on the website and Facebook page is now Maggie and living with a wonderful family near us in Ashburn.  They had visited about 3 weeks and thought she would be a perfect addition.
  Maggie's had quite a busy couple of days!  All the puppies went for their first vet visit on Thursday for a vaccine and exam.  They were pronounced healthy and happy!  I forgot a fecal sample, but three of the pups obligingly supplied one in the exam room.  Maggie got microchipped, as will the others when they go home.  I did a couple of errands after the vet visit, which must have been too much time in the car as the puppies started getting car sick.  Thursday was a rainy day and the puppies found mud to get into to add to the car sick sliminess that was tracked into the house.
  Today, Maggie had her first bath, which she did not like.  Just turning on the bath water made her scream like a wounded calf!  She did enjoy being dried with a towel and cuddled but started crying again when she discovered she was in the puppy room without her siblings.  When her family came though, the tail was wagging hard enough to almost come off!  I brushed Maggie up a bit and showed how to brace ears.  After going through all the paperwork, it was time to say good-bye.  Maggie did a quick potty stop in the yard and she was ready for her trip to her great home.  She's going to be well loved!