Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, the Terror!!!

Saturday evening, during a nice, heavy rain, we could hear Dixie screaming, followed by some very ferocious barking. David went out to check on her but couldn't find anything. We didn't know what caused her to scream but assumed she was barking at deer hanging out in the woods near her yard. Sunday morning, we discovered the probable cause in the yard next to Dixie (see picture below)

This isn't a very big branch, but in Dixie's defense, it is loaded with black walnuts and there were more in her yard. Those walnuts make a horrible sound falling through the trees and she was probably pelted with a couple which is likely the cause of her screaming. But, being "Da Bad Baby" and ferocious to boot, she gave the intruder a piece of her mind!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Showing Her Colors

Jewel will make a great mom when the time comes! She spent today in the "girls yard", playing with Dixie. Jewel showed great patience and tolerance with the Bad Baby, unlike Sadie who had no tolerance for Dixie's puppy ways. Jewel let Dixie pull on her ears, grab her throat and generally punch her around. Phoebe was glad that Dixie has a new chew toy and enjoyed some peace and quiet!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dinner Out

Tonight we had dinner at Lowry's Crab Shack and took Gibson along. He was great! It was quite hot, there was a huge fan and lots of people so lots of hustle and bustle. Gibson let people approach him and pet him, he wanted to play with another dog who was also dining al fresco and was the most relaxed I've seen him in situations like this. I ordered him a side of hush puppies and he wolfed them down! I enlisted a family waiting for a table to feed him some "cookies" and he took them without hesitation. Ellen, you might have to start frying up these treats for the show ring!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Smooth Girls

Jewel "became smooth" over the week-end! She was obstinate, hard headed, had her own agenda! After ignoring commands to eat her breakfast, come here, and the exasperated "Jewel!! You're trying my patience!!!" she stayed by my side, watching me with her sweet face. Of course, I melted, and she took advantage of getting back into my good graces by racing into the play yard where I usually have Dixie, her mom and aunt spend the day. I figured today was as good as any for my smooth girls to bond and they did! Both Jewel and Dixie enjoy the same game--hide in a dog house--and they tumbled about inside so hard that the entire thing almost fell over! Their play looks very fierce but they actually got along quite well. I experimented with a different camera setting which caught every change in movement. Dixie does need her ears glued back over, but they are not actually prick as it looks in some of the pictures and Jewel can hold her ears better than it seems during this wild play session.

Ferocious Dixie
Jewel says "bring it on, little girl"

Turn-a-bout's fair play!
Dixie doesn't like not having the upper hand!
Aunt Claire's not sure she wants to join in this game!
New best friends off for a snooze!