Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Disappointment

I took Claire to our favorite vet for her ultrasound to see if she's pregnant.  She's  been showing many pregancy symptoms, unfortunately starting right after she was bred--not a good sign.  Past history has meant she was having a false pregnancy and the ultrasound confirmed it.  Claire's now retired from the breeding program and will have to be content to be just a pampered pet.  I think that will suit her just fine!
  Jewel only had one breeding before she and Henry lost interest.  Hopefully, only one breeding was needed but we're not going to expect too much.  We'll know more in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Kirkhaven Girls in the Big Snow

We survived the "snow of the century" but Claire and Phoebe are not quite the fans of snow that the other dogs are.  Claire quickly does her business and is back at the door to come in.  Phoebe got stuck in this snowbank and just waited patiently for me to help her out!  Dixie, however, loves to play with the rest of the gang in the deepest parts of the play yard.  She looks like a deer jumping from spot to spot!  See our Facebook page for more pictures!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Breeding Plans

Romance is in the air! All the girls are taking turns coming into season. Phoebe started things, but she has been retired from our breeding program. Next up was Claire. We have bred her to Gibson, but since past breedings for her have not resulted in successful pregnancies, we won't say anymore on her status unless there are puppies in the whelping box! Jewel has also come into season and while we wanted to breed her back to her grandfather, CH Westwood Aladdin (Reggie), schedules and weather made us change plans. Jewel is now being bred to Reggie's brother, CH Westwood Oh Henry. Lauren and Sadie, are you next???

A Snow Day!

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures to go with this post, although later in the week I'll have some video. We got our first snowfall of the season yesterday. The dogs have not had a play day for a week and the snow made them as antsy as little kids! I let them all out for a full day of running, chasing and play--such happy collies! It's Dixie's first snow and she wasn't as enthusiastic as Lauren, Gibson and Sadie--but who could be? Even if I had had the camera with me, those three would have been nothing but blurs as they raced through the snow. By late afternoon, everyone was filthy, tired and ready for dinner. They are definitely cold weather dogs!


Last Sunday, I was walking into the family room, nursing that second cup of coffee, when I saw what I thought was a late season fawn streaking across the field. On closer look, I realized it was Dixie!!! I tore downstairs, struggled to get my shoes on, then just gave up and stepped outside in my socks, trying to call Dixie without sounding in a state of panic (although I was, of course), which could make her keep running. Thankfully, she ran right to me, quite happy with her newfound ability to escape from the kennel. She had pushed her outside gate open which is held with a chain, but it wasn't quite tight enough. Dixie then wiggled under the main gate to begin her adventure. David said she must be a limbo artist! I was so thankful that she ran towards the field instead of the road, that it was Sunday when no hunters were about and most of all, that I happened to come into the room at that exact moment. I carried Dixie into the house, then called to David to see what I had found--"a puppy! And, she looks show quality! Can I keep her????"