Sunday, January 31, 2010

Foolish, Foolhardy, But...Oh So Worth It!

To spare you scrolling to the bottom of this post, I'll go right to the good news--Dixie got her first specialty show win today!  She was Winners Bitch at the Chesapeake Collie Club under judge Sally Futh!

Now, some indications that we have been seriously infected by the dog show bug.  I've spent most of the week fighting off a sinus "thing" but have spent the last two days by the woodstove, watching movies.  Didn't go to work, no housework, no grocery shopping, just conserving my energy so I could get Dixie ready for her show.  When I got up on Saturday, my voice was gone and I felt horrible, but by the time I went to bed, Dixie had had her bath, her nails had been filed and I had showered, washed and curled my hair for our early drive the next morning.  David woke me at 4:00  (yes, 4 a.m) and after a couple cups of coffee, I was dressed and warming up the car while he stoked up the woodstoves and fed the dogs.  David brought Dixie out to the car, told me the house was locked up, then asked if I had a key to the back door as he had deadbolted the front, then went out the back door. I have never been able to get my key to work in the back door and don't deadbolt the front as I didn't think I have that key on my ring.  David heard a few choice words, got many dirty looks, but since it was still dark, there was no point in trying to fix the likelihood that we were locked out of our house right that moment.  Oh,did I mention it had snowed???  The forecast called for nothing to perhaps a dusting--but we had about 6 inches by the time it stopped snowing on Saturday.  Still, we were going south, confident that once we we got to Richmond and daylight, the roads would be a snap to navigate.  Boy, were we wrong!!!  From Ashland to Portsmouth, all interstate driving, the roads were snowy and icy, usually only one lane open.  We do have four wheel drive, but I suggested several times we only drive just a bit further, then turn around and go home.  We managed to get to the show site only half an hour later than we planned. Dixie got a potty break but we didn't get any breakfast.  The show was in a very nice location, a hotel, but since we didn't plan on staying much past Dixie's class, we didn't bring her crate in with us.  The grooming areas were all protected with heavy plastic sheeting.  Ellen put the finishing touches on our girl and we were set--but the judge was running late, having encountered the same weather we did.  Dixie either became bored or was just acting her age and started to entertain herself.  She ripped a hole in the plastic sheeting, tried to chew the chair molding on the wall and was up for any and all barking contests from the other entries.  Ellen and I alternated and sometimes simoultaneously said "stop that" until it was show time.  Waiting to enter the ring, Dixie was still being silly and I could hear Ellen saying, "act like a princess, act like a princess".  Fortunately, Dixie did and she won her 6th point!  For pictures,though, she reverted back to silly girl, exploring the pattern on the carpet, then poking her nose into the large floral arrangement next to her.

We were back on the road by 1:00.  The roads in Portsmouth were still a mess, but conditions improved on the interstates.  Most of the lanes were open, traffic was relatively light and we made good time, pulling into our driveway about 5:00.  The first key I tried didn't fit the deadbolt, but hallelujah!--the second key did!!!  David didn't have to sleep in the kennel/find a divorce lawyer.  He's fed the dogs, we've re-started the woodstoves and after a celebration dinner of Quiznos subs and beer, we're ready to drop into bed.  It seems we've become "those people" others shake their heads over, was a great day!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Show Pictures

Sweepstakes at Mason Dixon Collie Club show.  Judge Judy Porter made sure she was right on the proper level to see the expression!

Dixie showing for conformation class judge, Mary Benedict

Dixie at the Collie Club of Maryland show with judge Joan Kefeli

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Picking Up Where She Left Off...

Dixie's back from her show break without missing a beat!  She was Reserve Winners last Sunday at the Collie Club of Maryland show and was Winners yesterday at Carroll Kennel Club for one point.  She has two more shows this week-end and has a good possibility of either minoring out or getting her first major!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to the Ring

Dixie's break is over--she'll be back in the show ring starting this Saturday.  She has two collie specialties this week-end at Point of Rocks, MD,  three full days of showing next week-end at Howard County fairgrounds and at the end of the month, another collie specialty in the Virginia Beach area.

The Mason Dixon show on Saturday will begin with Rally at 8:00 a.m.  Dixie will be in the ring about 10:30 in the Sweeps before her regular class after the Junior Showmanship.  For the Collie Club of Maryland show on Sunday, Sweepstakes begins at 10:00.

Specialties are always fun!  Meet new people, see old friends and always learn something new!  Can't wait for the week-end!

Monday, January 11, 2010

No Puppies

At least, not for this month.  Jewel had her ultrasound and she is not  pregnant.  We're disappointed, of course, but don't think this will happen to her the next attempt.  She's very much enjoyed her time in the house and has become a regular couch potato!  Surprisingly, even with her lack of actitivity this past month, she had not put on any weight, so off to the show ring we will go!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dixie's First Show Pictures

Here's our girl with Ellen after she won her first point!

Dixie with Cathy Keefer (her "grandmother") after going Puppy Group 3.  Look how Dixie seems so much more relaxed on the platform--it must be old hat for her!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Need to Catch Up

We've had a sick cat this past week and between nursing Bootsie and the holidays, I've not kept up with the blog.  But, Bootsie is on the mend and I'll have free time these next two days!  Certainly won't be going outside for any length of time.  It's bitterly cold and windy!!!!  Yet, one of the boys, I think it's Twister, is sitting outside the kennel, watching everything blow around. I'm tempted to let everyone in the big yard for a few hours but there is not much of wind block from the front so it probably wouldn't be a fun time for them. 
  I have two great show pictures of Dixie that I will post shortly.