Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuckered Tucker

During Sunday's lunch, all the excitement of first show, special treats and lots of attention hit Tucker all at once and he fell sound asleep! He was oblivious to everything--this was before he got into my beer--but after a short power nap, was revved up once more!


After Sunday's show, we took the pups to Hamburg Doner for an Oktoberfest lunch. The babies had a wonderful time, had special treats to enjoy, a crowd to make over them and even enjoyed the German band. While my back was turned, Tucker got into my beer! I thought he had only knocked it over and drank what spilled on the table. After I finished my stein, not noticing how low the amount was inside, the man across the table said" your dog has the perfect snout for that! He just stuck his nose in there and had a good drink"! By that time, we noticed Tucker's ears were at an odd angle and he was standing sightly cow hocked. We decided to take our little drunk home, hoping he would keep his rich treats down and not get sick in the car. Tucker weaved a bit down the sidewalk but seemed none the worse for the experience.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jewel & Tucker's First Show

Jewel & Tucker made their show debuts at the Middleburg Kennel Club show on Sunday. They were entered for Saturday, too, but the weather was too bad for their first experience. Jewel did great, moved nicely and stood pretty well for the judge to go over her. It was apparent that she had spent some time with Ellen and that my work with Tucker in the back yard was not enough! He had fun though! The judge was understanding that he is just a baby and he behaved better when he was back in the ring for Winners. He was very good on his grooming table, did fairly well for some head trimming and let me dremmel his nails. All in all, we couldn't ask more for a debut but still, he's going to stay home for awhile to mature.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Show Time!

Actually, not quite, but all three puppies have been entered in their first show. We took the trio to Ellen's house last week for her to see them, make show plans and drop off Jewel. She will be in two shows in NJ next week-end, then come home for a bit as she's not as "together" as she looks in pictures. Sadie, however, is very ready--although, of course, still a puppy so we're not expecting group wins, although a point or two would be a nice surprise. Ellen pronounced her "too cute" and said I need to get some pictures up on the blog (will do later this week). Tucker also needs more maturing before going out with Ellen, but since we like to support local shows, he and Jewel will be at the Middleburg shows on Oct 25 & 26 and then we'll see where/if they go from there.
In preparation for her ring debut, Sadie got the "treatment" today. She had a quick stop this morning at the vet, went to the library with me for a staff meeting, then to PetSmart to see new dogs and pick out toys for the gang, stayed in her crate in the car (with her new chew toy) while I did several errands, then finally home, ready to go out in the big play yard for a bit with her buds. I was very pleased with her good reactions to all her new experiences and eagerness to meet people. I think she will have a blast in the show ring!