Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pool's Open!

  The weather this past week-end was exactly as it should be for Memorial Day--HOT!  I pulled out the kiddie pool for the dogs, washed out the stink bugs (the bane of my existence) and gave the dogs a chance to play and cool down.
  The puppies and Dixie got the pool first.  Or, I should say, Jackson got the pool.  He was in there as soon as I started to fill it.  The other dogs hardly got a chance!  He was drinking the water, splashing, grabbing the toys.  The others cautiously checked out the new yard addition, but weren't as enthusiastic as Jackson, or maybe they didn't want to be in the water that Jackson had quickly muddied.  Treasure was more adventurous, but quickly abandoned the pool for a game of chase with Dixie.  Gemma put her muzzle in the water and all of the dogs put their feet in for a few minutes.  Dixie mainly wanted the toys that I had put in to float.
  Then it was the adults' turn.  Sadie, surprisingly, didn't want to be in the water at all!  She was our "bathing beauty" as a puppy and was featured in a YouTube video.  On Monday, Sadie would only put her muzzle in the water and blow bubbles.  Lauren put one foot in the water, then jerked it out as if the water was scalding.  No more pool time for her!  Gibson enjoyed himself.  With the new confidence he has developed since taking agility, he couldn't wait to see what the big blue thing was I threw over the fence.  Then, he tried to bite the water coming out of the hose as I filled the pool.  He was the first one to try out the water, splashing and snuffling.  I think we should buy him a snorkel set!

Jackson commandeers the pool

And has a great time splashing!

The puppies try it just to get to the toys

Treasure finds a prize!

Dixie isn't sure she wants the toy that badly.

Even though the water is rather muddy, Gemma enjoyed dipping her face in it

Sadie snuffles while Lauren cautiously checks out the pool

Sadie tries dipping her toes in.

Gibson enjoyed splashing!