Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

  Lauren turned 9 years old on January 20.  I can't believe this delightful girl is now a senior citizen.  It seems only yesterday that she became a part of our family and an important part of our kennel.
  We celebrated in the usual way--a bath for Lauren with extra grooming and pampering and special treats!
  I have a few dog treat cookbooks but I also like to try some new recipes from the All Natural Dog Treat blog.  For Lauren's special day, I chose the Carrot Cheese Puffs recipe.  I knew it would be a hit as it has one of her favorite foods--cheese!  Not only did Lauren enjoy it, but all the other dogs gobbled it down, too!

The finished treats, fresh from the oven!

Lauren enjoying her first birthday treat.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Claire the House Dog

  About a month ago, Claire had a change in status, to house dog!  She adapted very quickly, immediately deciding the couch was a nice place for a nap, expecting treats every time she comes inside and getting lots of pets while we watch television.
  Sometimes she acts like she thinks this is a temporary change, as her behavior going outside is definitely different than coming back in. 
  I take Claire outside with me at mealtimes, giving her an opportunity to spend some time in the play yard and visit with the other dogs.  She doesn't mind being there once we finally arrive, but sometimes the journey is arduous!
  When Claire sees we are going outside, she often balks at the doorway, almost causing me to trip over her.  Not good when I'm carrying an armload of food bowls! 
  She also "loses" her hearing or can't seem to understand "let's go," "hurry up," or even "come."  Miraculously, Claire not only "regains" her hearing upon the return to the house, she doesn't need a single command to get moving!
  Claire had some of her house access restricted recently as she had come into season, but now she's ready for a bath and access to the couch once again!  Just in time, too.  The wood stove is going full blast and I know she'll like napping nearby.  It's nice to have a dog in the house full time and I always enjoy giving one of the seniors the opportunity for special status.