Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gemma's Gonna Be Sooo Jealous!

  For Christmas, my kids gave me a FitBit--one of those electronic trackers--and it is really motivating me to get out and walk and be in shape.  I joined an online community to virtually walk the Appalachian Trail and am currently trying to walk seven miles a day.
  When the weather is good, I take a morning walk of three miles and an afternoon walk of two miles.  Both Gemma and Jackson are entered in an upcoming show so they usually come with me, to also get in shape.  Gemma gets the longer walk in the morning and Jackson the afternoon one.  Both of my walks take me by the horse farm near us.  Usually, the horses are in the field, but not near the fence to be pet.  Yet, everyday, Gemma wants to stop, clearly hoping the horses will come over so she can meet those big creatures.
  Our walk this past Sunday was no different.  I had not taken the dogs walking with me for a few days as our dirt road has been a combo of snow, ice and mud.  I took Gemma for a bit longer of a morning walk but she still wanted to see the horses on our return home.  Like usual, they only looked at her from the middle of their field, even though she was poking her head through the fence, furiously wagging her tail.  When it was clear that once again, she couldn't entice them over, we went home.
  I did my usual chores, helped David with some wood splitting then took my afternoon walk.  I was a bit tired by this time and looking forward to relaxing the rest of the day.  I decided to not take Jackson as I didn't want the additional work of brushing mud out of his coat.  Gibson seemed anxious to go walking, so off we went.
  The horses were in their field but Gibson didn't pay them any attention at the start of our walk.  He was more concerned with all the good smells that the patches of mud seemed to hold.  I was only thinking about how good it was going to feel to get my mud splattered clothes off and get into a shower!
  As we crested the little hill before our house, right at the horse farm, I could see the horses were near the fence.  As they saw us coming, two of the horses walked over and put their head over the top railing, eager to visit with Gibson.  He wasn't too sure of them at first, especially when they started snuffling in his face, but then he became enthusiastic and returned their friendly greetings.  I got some pictures, but I'm sure not going to show them to Gemma!  I hope Gibson didn't tell her about his visit and cause some jealously.