Thursday, October 29, 2009

Should Have Gotten a Collie, Mr. President!

I know there are allergy issues with the girls, but obviously the president has fallen under the spell of a collie! Here President Obama is meeting Reveille at Texas A&M.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Leesburg Dog Days

On our way home from New Jersey last Sunday, we stopped in Leesburg for an early dinner and to walk Dixie through the first Leesburg Dog Days. We were hoping to get some ideas for our collie club, but it was late in the afternoon and most of the vendors had been scared off by the rain earlier in the day. Dixie enjoyed herself as always and got some attention but not as much as she'd have liked. She didn't know what to make of dogs in costumes! As usual when we have one of the smooths out, we got to educate people as they tried to guess what mix of breeds Dixie might be--most people thought she had collie but then was crossed with greyhound or some other short haired breed. I heard one person say she was "definitely" part Norwegian Elkhound!
We entered Dixie in the photo contest, which was a fundraiser for the animal shelter. She stood very nicely for her picture and the photographers thought there should be a new category next year--"best behaved"--now that's not something we hear about Dixie very often! After Dixie was entered in the contest we decided it was time to head to the Oktoberfest at Doener Bistro, completely forgetting to go back to the voting booth to support Dixie--what bad collie parents we are!!

Dixie tried to avoid dogs in costume and displays of dog outfits. She only wanted to visit booths with treats!

She did enjoy meeting these two guys, though!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quick Update

Life has been rather quiet here at Hillcroft. Dixie made her first show debuts (pictures will be posted shortly) at Millwood VA in September and this week-end in NJ. She had two weeks of show training with Ellen with positive results. I showed her the week-end in VA and she had fun! Reports from this week-end sounds like she behaved fairly well, had loads of fun and still acted like a princess. It's rained all week-end, which Dixie did not like, and she stopped every couple of feet during the down and back to shake off the rain drops! Her first specialty yesterday earned her her first trophy--a leaf shaped plate.
Gibson also went to the Millwood shows but is still not comfortable in the ring. We're now taking handling classes which seem to be helping a bit. I've seen a couple glimmers of enjoyment in his eyes but then he starts to remember that he needs to worrry about being in a ring. The goal for October and November is to see the enjoyment almost constantly with maybe just a glimmer of concern.