Monday, February 13, 2012

Dixie's Week-End

  Sounds like Dixie had a fun week-end and didn't embarrass herself in the shows.  She can be a bit headstrong on the grooming table and tried to boss Cathy about it, but of course was not allowed to get away with any bad behavior.  After that, she was a model show dog!
  Dixie showed better on Sunday than Saturday and received many compliments.  The judges didn't choose her for an award, but we didn't really expect it.  Dixie had not been in the ring for well over a year and the competition was quite stiff!
  Cathy is encouraging us to enter Dixie in the Collie Club of America National show the end of March and we are seriously considering it.  We want to breed Dixie this spring and I have a couple of studs in mind for her, but at the National, I can do some serious "boyfriend shopping".  Lots to think about these next few weeks!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Traveling Dixie

  Dixie is making a return to the show ring!  As I write this, she should be on her way to Connecticut for a week-end of specialty shows.
  Her father's owner stayed with us last month and of course, wanted to see Dixie.  Cathy loved how she's matured and is encouraging me to special Dixie for her grand championship.  We'll take it one step at a time and see how this week-end goes, but, Dixie still shows like crazy and seemed to enjoy her show career, so...
  It wasn't hard to have her in shape for the shows.  Dixie is always active and loves to run so she is very muscular and fit.  She was a bit underweight and we had started to increase her food when Cathy saw her, but then increased our efforts so now her weight is perfect!  I gave her nails some extra attention the last three weeks and a couple extra dental chews to really get her teeth pearly white.
  Dixie must know she was heading for a show as she seemed to have a bit of a sparkle about her.  I can't wait to hear how she does!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Solo Sophie

  One of our concerns about losing Ben was how hard it would affect Sophie.  They had always been extremely close.  As they aged and Sophie seemed to have some vision and hearing loss, she would take her cues from Ben, looking at him before reacting to something, barking when he did, trotting over to the same spot in the yard and such.  We were facing the very real possibility that Sophie would not be able to live without her brother and we would lose her, too.  I delayed making the decision about Ben because I wasn't ready for that double loss.
  When we came home after the trip to the vet, I found Sophie laying in Ben's crate, with a very sad face.  She came out of the crate when I called her, burying her head into my chest when I knelt down.  Somehow she knew her brother was gone and was clearly grieving.  She didn't touch her supper that night but we enticed her to eat with some treats.
  The next morning, she was listless but showed some interest in breakfast after awhile.  I spent a lot of time with her, brushing her coat and fussing over her.  I also changed her routine, using different yards for exercise instead of the one she shared with Ben.
  By the middle of the week, Sophie started to show some interest in her surroundings and her appetite perked up.  She doesn't dive into her meals like she used to, but she does like to explore the scents in the yard (I think it's a big traffic area for the wildlife).  She trots along the fence line as I walk up the drive to get the paper and has enjoyed some time by the wood stove as I watch t.v.  She even picked up a rawhide and chewed it!
  We've had glorious, spring-like weather the last two days and the dogs have been in the play yard to enjoy it.  I put Sophie in her yard and while she seemed to look around for Ben, she was very interested in the activity next door.  She barked at the dogs while they play tussled and touched noses with a couple through the fence.
  I think her adjustment is going well, actually better than I thought it would.  I do enjoy these days with her!
Taking her morning stroll

Breaking into a little trot!