Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Clean Up

  Is spring finally here?  I sure hope so!  It looks like it in our kennel, many chores to be done after winter's final blast of snows and winds.  Lots of branches to pick up and gutters to be cleaned before we get too many spring showers.  I moved the gravel in the runs the best I could last week, after all the snow finally melted but we have lots of muddy patches and the dogs look like they have been wallowing in it.  March starts the round of annual vet visits for all the dogs and Ben and Sophie were the first to get their appointments.  They got their baths and a good grooming--including a much overdue foot trim!  Both are in perfect weight and were model patients.  Of course, they know Terry will spoil them with treats while we are paying the bill!  She's their favorite staffer at the reception desk!
  Ben and Jewel have started blowing coat, which means I need to get my arms ready for lots of brushing as warm weather will have everyone shedding their winter coats.  Dixie has completed her first heat, Lauren is almost finished being in season and we are anxiously awaiting Sadie to come into season for her first breeding.  Everybody has had lots of play time with the nicer weather and longer days.
  We're making our spring and early summer show plans for Dixie, Jewel and Gibson.  If Sadie is not busy in the whelping box, she'll join in the fun, too!
  Pretty days, happy dogs, potential puppies, dogs shows--this is my favorite time of the year!