Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gibson's New Wardrobe

  I've been supplementing my retirement income with polishing collars for the Kenyan Collection.  The goal is to polish enough collars to defray the cost of show entries, but when I see those beautiful bead patterns, I imagine how nice one would look around the neck of a Hillcroft Collie!  I've tempered my collar envy by telling the pups they must earn their wardrobe addition, either by producing a litter or earning their championship.
  Gibson received his first collar a couple of weeks ago by becoming an employee of The Kenyan Collection himself.  JMS Ventures, the owner of The Kenyan Collection, is my neighbor so when I've finished a batch of collars, Gibson goes to work.  I hitch him up to the parade wagon and we walk up the road to deliver the inventory.  Good exercise for us and a confidence booster for Gibson, but Joan declared that he needed to be on the payroll and to choose a collar.
  That was easier said than done!  When I work on the collars, I mentally put them on our dogs and thought the Earth pattern would look best on Gibson.  My husband thought the Cheetah pattern would be ideal.  I thought I would only have to choose between the two, but Joan suggested I try both on Gibson.  I'm so glad she did!  The Cheetah pattern didn't look good on him at all and the Earth was too bland.  The Jacaranda wasn't quite right but the Maasai Shield was close to looking right.  Then we tried the Topi on Gibson and it was perfect!  It suited his personality just right and he seems to hold himself differently when he wears it.  Somehow he knows he's extra handsome!
  Now we're looking for places to take him so he can show off his new wardrobe.  We walked him to our favorite winery, Casanel, on Labor Day and spent a relaxing afternoon on their patio.  Gibson thought his new duds entitled him to our cheese and crackers rather than the everyday treats I had brought for him.  Of course, we indulged him!
A close up of the collar's Hopi pattern

Expecting a slice of that nice cheddar cheese!

Our handsome boy!

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